The challenge for teachers is to design and assign a quality and quantity of homework that allows students to develop: a love for learning, an understanding that their time in school is relevant to their lives outside, and acquire academic and personal skills, which will promote further learning in future education.

Homework is the application of a concept (how to apply the skills to everyday life), has a clear purpose, should develop responsibility and attitude to learning, should encourage lifelong, creative and exploratory learners.

All homework will be relevant to skills development explained with clear expectations of outcomes, marked and be given feedback, in an allocated suitable timelines , designed to develop skills for independent learning, complementary to classroom activities that develop skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge.

Homework that Muhammadiyah Sang Pencerah applies:

  • Home Project, once in two weeks.
  • Reading Log, once in a week
  • Completion of work that has not been finished at school.